Does my hair type affect whether or not i brush it? Brushing my hair is different from not

When I brush my hair when its dry its somewhat straight. When I brush it wet it becomes 2a. Its Wavier when I dont brush it at all. (2b) Which is my "natural"

2 Answers

that happens to me too . When I brush my hair , my curl pattern loosens.I just don't use my brush when I wear my curly hair , I use my fingers to detangle  
Wash your hair & let it air dry without brushing. When it's finished drying, that is your curl pattern. You can use products & techniques to either tighten & loose the curl, as well as make it frizzier (which gives volume) or more sleek. By brushing when dry (technique), you are loosening your curl. I recommend looking into the other measurement of hair type as well (porosity, density, length, & width), as that will also help you choose products & techniques that work best for you. Lastly, consider if your hair is virgin or chemically-treated (permed, relaxed, colored, bleached, etc), as that is also a factor in choosing products & techniques.