Excuse me.This site is amazing!May I get help please?Does anyone know my hair type?

My post was way to long so I erased and got down to the point.Brush down-Coils are pen-spring size and smaller. Brush back-Coils are straw size and coils that are smaller are straight.I'm very confused with my hair type?4A/4B?3C/4A/4B?Brushed down-1st photo nothing on hair.Brushed down-2nd photo nothing on hair.Smaller than pen-spring coils.Brushed down-3rd a little wash out left on dry hair.Brushed down-4th photo mousse,can see pen-spring size coilsBrushed back-5th,6th,7th,8th,9th photo,straw sized coils(curls)

3 Answers

Could be a 3c or 4a... I can't tell
your hair is 4a I think its a little too early to tell and hair changes a lot at this stage so it might be best to wait but for now your hair is 4a. Hope this answered your question. 
I agree that it may have been too early to tell your hair type. Additionally, I would just wash your hair and post a picture of that instead of brushing the curls down as that tends to distort the curls.