Can someone please explain this to me?

I'm not sure what my hair type is but it's very similar to glamtwinz334 on youtube. If you notice it, when their hair gets wet, it doesn't stay damp how "biracial" or "white" hair would. There's a girl on youtube who is just black and her channel is arianna henderson i believe but her hair stays on the damp side. What is the cause of this? Is it hair porosity? I get really annoyed when the ends of my hair are still relatively damp and my scalp is dry and frizzy???? I don't understand, it's just really  annoying and I always have to soak my hair again after getting in the shower to style it. My hair doesn't have any chemical damage or heat damage, it's actually relatively healthy. Is there anything I can do to make my hair retain water naturally? See how it stays damp? here the scalp and roots of the hair are already dry! But her ends are damp it looks like!!!What is the cause of this?

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"Biracial" and "white" hair (which **technically** aren't a thing because biracial - and even some white people - can have anywhere from type 1 to type 4c hair) don't have any discerning characteristics in terms of being wet that curly/coily hair doesn't seem to have also. Some people's hair may just stay wetter longer. The top portion of my hair seems to be dry almost immediately while the under layer stays wet for longer (and I'm Hispanic). It may have to do with hair porosity. High porosity hair may lose water faster as there are gaps in the cuticle. Though I'm not sure how your roots would be high porosity and the needs would be low - unless you underwent some transition, hormone change.... maybe overmanipulation.I'm a little confused by what you're saying with your examples. Glamtwinz334's hair doesn't stay wet, but Arianna Henderson's does? Both of they're hair seems to be dry, though Glamtwinz's seems to reflect more light causing it to be shinier, which might make it look wetter... but you said her hair looks drier so i'm not sure what you meant. Arianna's hair seems to be dry in her end picture too with a less shiny (though healthy) the glamtwinz.Anyway, no one's hair stays wet forever. It may take a long time to dry, but it will eventually dry out. You can help your hair retain moisture (not wetness) by using such things as the LOC method and maybe products that use glycerin.