Cant figure out my hair type & how to make my curls stay defined with out frizzing up

my hair is curly after washing then frizz's up and gets poofy. Trying to figure out my curl type think i might be 3C. And how to keep my curls nice soft & defined...

1 Answer

yes, looks like you have 3C curls. I'd suggest using a leave-in conditioner/moisturizer right when you get out the shower, then sealing in that moisture with an oil. Here is an article I wrote on the "LCO" method which stands for liquid *water*, conditioner, oil. Many curlies with your hair type use this to get smooth, defined and frizz-free curls:LCO MethodYou can also use the "shingling method", in which you use your fingers as a 'flat iron' to smooth the curl. Watch the video for more info.