Is my fine hair 2b, 2c or 3a?

Before hitting puberty, my hair was straight with a flip or half-curl at the end.  Now it's curly, but quite easy to straighten. In fact with no product in it after washing, it will be frizzy for a day but then flatten right down on its own. I have to really help it to curl with scrunching, gel and diffusing. So instead of controlling curls being the issue its more about encouraging them to form and stay formed.  Is there a hair type for this?  I have almost ringlets at each side behind the ears but the centre of the back is almost straight and the middle always looks straggly with long hair. Any styling or haircut tips would be welcome. 

1 Answer

Hi Thirtysomething, Looks and sounds like you have 2c hair, bordering on 3a. It's very common to have two types of hair on your head. You have very pretty curls. I think that haircut on you is awesome, but if you need some styling tips, I suggest styling your curls when they are very wet to get the most curl definition and bounce. I also find that a good cream-gel will hold your curls and keep them moisturized. Your hair looks fine (I could be wrong), so don't layer too many products on it or else it will fall. Have fun trying products!