h hair type when wet is curly/coily, when blow dried...straight at roots and coily on ends, but dry.

I did the big chop on the last week of Aug 2012, hair is about nearly 6 inches long now..not really concerned with length, because hair does grow, but my concern is the dryness and at the ends of my hair there is sometimes a little knot - what could that be? I do trim my ends. I don't have a picture, but will take one soon...sorry.

1 Answer

Those little knots are often called fairy knots. They just kinda show up -- perfectly normal. Are you oiling your hair at all? That can help with the dryness as well as the fairy knots.  Be sure to use a pure oil or oil blend: coconut, olive, jojoba, etc. But not one that has a bunch of additives in it.