Is my hair 2b/c?

I have dyed my hair a number of times and been in different climates but am not sure what makes it more/less curly.  I think it is a mix of 2b/c as I usually have ringlets by my face as my hair gets longer.  Help? haha(The first two pictures are recent and I am in a dry climate and have recently dyed my hair with henna which I read can reduce the curl...the other pictures were taken in humid climates...sorry about the quality of the pictures!)

1 Answer

Hi! You have very pretty hair (especially the bangs)! Your hair in the first picture seems like it is styled because it's type 1 (straight) on the top and type 3a on the bottom... so the median is 2b. The second picture looks like 2a hair. The third one looks like 2b. The fourth one is another suspicious looking one. From here it almost looks like you have type 3a/3b hair. Do you straighten your bangs? Because they don't seem natural in comparison to your curls. Your fifth picture is 2b in it's purest form. So I'd say that although your hair is very temperamental, on an average it seems to be 2b.