My hair is confusing? Some help would be appreciated.

Okay so I'll have to explain myself a bit. Both my sister (kinda) and my mother had their hair wave and curl, respectively, during puberty. I believe that's whats happening with me, but at the moment I have no idea what my hair is trying to accomplish to be honest.I have rather thick, voluminous and course(?) hair, currently just a bit past my shoulders. The top of my hair usually falls rather flat, lifeless and lacks the body of the rest of my hair, but the bottom of my hair springs out in like a large, unison wave and looks incredibly poofy and fluffy, and a little wavy. (Basically, my hair turns into a triangle.)The hairs framing my face usually curl in a strict S shape, but the rest/most of my hair apparently doesn't like to go by rules. My hair resists any type of styling like nobodies business- hair drying, curling, mousse, curling cream, anything. I'm just very confused and I don't know what to do with it? Has anyone else experienced something similar? Is this just a transition stage? Is there any way I can start encouraging my curls/waves to start forming?Sorry if this seemed long winded or confusing! I've yet to find anyone of this world wide web that could help me with this problem.

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