My hair is not all one curl pattern and it looks bad. How do I fix that?!

On the outside of my hair it is "s" curls. If you look at the under part of my hair it is very tight springy curls. Then, if you put my hair in a side ponytail and look at the side where the ponytail is not, you can see that half of the ponytail is curly like the rest("s" curls).  In the middle of the curly side ponytail  my hair gets very very wavy where it looks like I have straightened half of the the curls and forgot to straighten the rest f my hair in the ponytail. It doesn't look like that when my hair is wet. How do I fix this?! It looks really bad! 

2 Answers

you cannot "fix" it. Most bi/multi racial curlies have more than one texture. Maybe you can find out a way to disguise it but you won't get rid of it
You could try layers to help lighten the load on your top layers. You might also try adding more moisture retaining products to the top layers to help them curl to their fullest. Otherwise, find a way to love your hair as it is and keep trying different products!