Why is the top part of my hair curly (3a-3b)and the bottom part wavy (2b-2c)and frizzy

I've tried doing a twist out on the wavy part of my hair but it doesn't seem to curl very much at all even with my curl enhancing smoothie. It's dry and greasy at the same time and is constantly frizzing even when wet.It really annoys me because I love the curly part of my hair and I wouldn't change it for anything but the wavy part just ruins it all. I feel like I can't wear it down even if I'm going out.If someone could help it really would mean the world to me xxxProducts I use to moisturise: shea moisture leave in conditioner , shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and coconut oil with argan.Thank you xx

1 Answer

your roots are new untouched virgin hair. Your ends are wavy and damaged because it's been on your head for the longest. If you wish to have a more uniform hair texture, try trimming your ends occasionally to cut off the wavy damaged ends. Or just cut it all off and start fresh