one side of my hair is curly and the other is straight. How do get the straight to be curly?

Have been transitioning my hair for a year.  Cut cut the rest of the perm off the ends. But my left side seem like it still have a lot or perm on it.  It will get get  curly when I put stuff on it. And  I did not come this far to go back  preming my hair

4 Answers

It looks like there is either heat damage or relaxed ends. Did you use heat throughout your transition?
would get my hair straighten at a salon I would not do it myself. And if it is heat damage just wondering what I need to do beside get it cut. Feeling down and I don't want to go back to a perm.
Continue to transition the heat damage out. Try styles like rod set or the twist and curl to blend the textures.
ok thank you very much. New to this and I figure I would stay away from heat.  You made me feel more better about it.