My Hair is Curly When Wet, But Most of My Curls Dissapear When My Hair Dries.

I don't know what my hair Type is , and I don't know how to define my curls . I was natural up to age 13 , and I had extremely long and curly/coily hair. I got about 4 perms from age 13-16. I started transitioning back at age 16, now at age 19 I'm all natural, with some heat damage from constantly putting heat in my leave out during sew-ins. (I no longer wear weaves but I do flat iron my hair maybe twice a year.) anyways , my hair is really curly when it is wet , when It dries only a few remain. I honestly don't know what products to use, I don't know if I'm allowing my hair to air dry wrong , I just don't know what to do , because I love natural hair and I used to love MY natural hair , but I'm starting to hate it due to frustration with the curl pattern. I would love to just wear my hair without having to do braid outs  or twist outs.

1 Answer

I would think your hair is 3c/4a or even 4b because of your first and second last picture. Your hair also has a hard time absorbing moisture so it looks like it is low in porosity so it is 3C. Your hair also looks fine/medium in thickness with some really tight coils so I believe your hair is 4a/4b as well. If you had 3b there would have ringlets or sharpie size curls all over your hair as naturally curly indicates.