Is my hair damaged?

Wow, I'm up REAL early. Anywho, I have 3b/3c hair that is looser in the back, tighter in the front. My hair is high to med porosity. I was wondering, if your hair is high porosity and dries quickly, is it damaged? Also, is my hair damaged because my ends don't really curl when braiding/twisting in the back?

1 Answer

I don't think you're hair is damaged , you might have medium porosity instead of high ( unless you know something that I don't ) and it's ok to have different types of curls in your hair . The back of my hair is 3b , but the sides of my hair are 3c, and the very top where my crown is has 3a curls . It's natural to have different curl patterns around your head . From your profile picture , your curls look very healthy and not damaged .