Hi, I'm a 17 yro who has had permed hair since I was the age of 8. I don't really remember my hair being curly but my parents do. I decided that I was tired of getting perms 2 going on 3 years ago and has been natural ever since, and I would like it to get back to its natural state. I need to know what my hair type is...Is it curly? Is it straight?Is it kinky?My hair is curly on the sides and in the back, but is straight on the top. I have two different textures of hair I think. My father has silky curly hair (who is black/ Native American/ white btw). My mother has kinky hair (who is black/ Native American/ Irish). My my mom calls my hair confused hair because it's like a mixture of both of theirs. I would like to wear my hair curly all over if possible. At the moment I don't feel comfortable because of how my hair is mixed up so I get blowouts and get it straightened. I really need help

2 Answers

Hello there! what i think your hair doing is transitioning from heat and chemical damage. So i think if you use no sulfates, silicones, or alcohol on your hair, it should transition to either a curly or kinky state based on your photos. Hope this helps!
It appears that you have heat damage. You may want to avoid the heat for a while so that you can see what your curl pattern truly is. You may end up having to cut the heat damage off if you find that when your hair grows out, your roots curl up but the ends remain straight. Also, find a good routine that will keep your hair moisturized. There really aren't any quick fixes if you have heat damage and patience is the key.