can your hair be more than one hair type?

My hair changes from being 3a/b one day to a solid 3c the next, without me changing anything! Plus my top layer isn't really a hair type, its just a poofy frizzy mess, even though its not heat damaged. The last 2 photos (black shirt red sleeves) is from today after a olive oil mask. So I guess what I want to know is what type of hair do I have and is there anyway to get all my hair to curl evenly?

1 Answer

Hi jezza_42, First of you have very pretty hair:).Hair can be more than one hair type mine is 3b/3c I think your hair is more 3a than anything the first two pictures look like they are combed out/brushed when the hair was dry (but I don't know). If that is the case you shouldn't do that cause it causes hair breakage. One of the best products to try is canto shea butter conditioning hair cream. Its a very light hair cream and it helps define your curls perfectly; even if you have thick hair. Hope this helps;)