my hair I'm told is 3c/4a I have done the wash& go its nice until it drys & becomes afro/dry like

I love the wash and go. While it's wet it looks great until it drys. Then it's afro like stiff and dry. Maybe wash and goes are not for type 4 hair

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If you love the wash and go then you should wear it. There is nothing wrong with an afro girl! I have 4a hair and the wash and go is my signature. I don't think the wash and go is reserved for any curl pattern. A lot of people think their curl pattern looks nicer when it is wet because it is weighed down by the water, but in reality, all curl patterns are beautiful when they dry. The way your hair dries without being combed is an accurate reflection of what your curl pattern is. There are people with 3c curl patterns whose hair dries frizzy and creates an afro. Nothing wrong with that girl! It's equally beautiful! There are 4a's that are more defined than mine. Your hair may not be dry, it may just be how your texture feels. Check out the article You are Feeling Texture, Not Dryness. What products are you using?
wash snd goes are for all hair types I have 3b/3c hair and sometimes I wish it was curlier. Afro hair is beautiful. A couple tips to prevent frizz are dry with an old tshirt instead of a towel. Try the LOC method.Once you put in your leave in conditioner use a penatrating oil such as coconut or olive oil and then seal with a thick cream or butter. Once your product is in dont touch your hair until its 100% dry then you can fluff/  maneuver as you please. Also you may want to try a simple twist out that you set the night before I love to do this when I know im strapped on time. Hope this helps
The ladies above gave great answers! Just echoing the editor on the products. Once I started using baking soda and bentonite clay more, my wash'n'gos started to POP more.... I just want to add that maybe you should consider a modified version of the MHM. It gives me better wash'n'gos, better twist/bantu knot outs, better afros- just better/healthier/shinier hair in general! Here's my modified version (I think I got it from Christina Patrice; not sure though)D 1) Cherry Lola, cowash w/baking soda, detangle&DC, Bentonite clay rinse/mask, rinse & "style"D 2-7) cowash w/baking soda, detangle&DC, Bentonite clay rinse/mask, rinse & "style"D=day=which really means "cycle". I repeat each "cycle" every other day or every 2 days. I don't do this every day. I do it at night so my hair has time to dry by the morning. Seems like a lot, but in total it only takes about 2 hours. Maybe 3 or 4 if I'm too lazy to rinse the DC and clay out after 30 minutes. I've started doing MHM once a month and then switching back to my regular routine. Hair is thriving!!
What hair type am I?4a?