What hair porosity do I have?!

I did the water test and my hair was floating but I highly doubt my hair is low porosity. My hair is frizzy and breaks easy BUT I have not dyed or used heat on my hair in 5 years. My background it Egyptian and my family all have VERY tight curls - mine is not anymore as my hair got ripped out from the root so is just wavy now - this could be why it breaks so easycould I be high porosity seeing as my hair breaks so easy??? It absorbs water quickly. my roots are oily but ends can get VERY dry. my hair can knot very easy when its really hot or if its really cold - I don't even bother leaving it out because it knots easy.thanks for your help!!!! i want to buy some new shampoo and conditioner and want to buy one for my hair porosity. i didnt realise it was a thing!

2 Answers

The absolute best way to determine this is to get your hair tested. Have you heard of goosefootprints on Etsy? She does hair testing for things like porosity and what products would most help your hair by looking at it under a microscope. I tried the water test and wasn't too impressed because some hairs seemed to sink and others were floating. Her testing is a lot more comprehensive and will probably help you more in the long run! 
Hi darling! Thank you, wow that looks really interesting, maybe I could do that, or find someone closer to home who does something like that (I am in Australia) I think I need to do the water test with CLEAN hair, my hair was conditioned when I did it. Woops. But *apparently* the water test doesn't lie... but not sure about that.