My hair is short shoulder length, if I get a shorter hairstyle, will my hair texture change ?

3 Answers

It really depends on your hair. You will either cut some of the curl off, or cause the curls to bounce up and tighten. My hair gets curlier as it gets longer, whereas most people get more curl when its shorter. Either way, your hair is short-ish already, so the difference probably won't be too drastic.
Depends on how your hair reacts and if you want it short, ask your hairstylist to cut a small section of your hair to the length you want it, to make sure you want it short.
when I cut my hair short it made the curls bounce so much they looked like pasta twirls and it also depends how you style your hair as I have 3b hair I think - the more product u put on my hair weighs it down and makes it look longer however it's straight at the top and curly at the ends personally I don't like that look so for my short hair less is more - I've just started my journey and I'm finding a lot off things out as I go *trial and error*  and you will find eventually what suits you :) *the texture can change on how you style it*