How do I get ALL of my hair to be curly?

The hair on my scalp is straight, then it turns into waves, and then finally the bottom is the curliest. I condition it every day and I dont brush it or ring it out after I get out of the shower. I get on my clothes and then brush it out and put product (Its a 10) in it. Should I be conditioning my scalp too? What do you suggest/recommend?

3 Answers

Oops, I accidentally posted my answer twice :P
Hmm, you said you don't brush it after you get out of the shower but then you said you did, so I'm a little confused. However, if you DO brush your hair after you get out of the shower, I suggest you don't. Detangle your hair in the shower while it's covered in conditioner, then rake and/or smooth your product in. Hope I helped! :)
Your hair looks great. There are lots of women who have hair that behaves the same way.