My hair in the back is almost straight, the rest is coily. How do I get the back to hold a curl?

It has been 1 year since my big chop and the hair in the back (nape) is much straighter than the rest of my hair, to the point to where it is almost straight. Even after a twist out, it doesn't hold a curl very much. I've tried different type of conditioners and hair milks and nothing seems to help.

1 Answer

Do you use a lot of heat on your hair, or have you in the past?  If so, your hair may be more sensitive to heat at the nape. Even if it was a one time heat-hit, it can permanently straighten depending on a few factors. Stay far away from heat styling to not further the problem if this is the cause.  If your hair is permanently straight, there is nothing you can do to the texture.  However you can style it in ways to enhance your look.  On the back section, use a curl defining gel and scrunch when wet styling.  Do not scrunch the rest of your hair, instead use a stretchy product to elongate the coils.  Hopefully this can bring you some balance.  If not, try braid outs or roller sets. ( Everyone is not made for a twist out.)