why is my hair super 4a at the roots but frizzes at the ends?

my hair looks like 4a if I look at my roots, but then at my ends it kind of frizzes up and there is no curl. I just big chopped yesterday, I think I did it okay but is there a possibility that it's because I still have relaxed ends? another possibility is that i just happen to be one of those girls with hair that is super curly and defined everywhere on her head except at the ends, where it's a more coarse and less defined. it can't be any type of damage, I just took my hair out after a 2+ month protective style

2 Answers

it's probably just frizz. I have the same isdue with the curls in the back of my head. Try gel or curling custard.
try washing your hair in a downward motion and applying products in a downward motion to encourage the cuticle to remain flat which will help prevent frizz