My hair texture completely changed !!

My hair completely changed after I used my mom's chi hair straightener one day. My old curl pattern used to be a 3c but is more like a 2c-3a. I've never chemically dyed or processed my hair before so it's very healthy. I just find it weird after that I used her straightener it changed. Usually if I were to straighten it and wash it, it would go back to normal with 1 or 2 washes. I washed my hair multiple times now and it's still looser. The second time I straighten it was even looser than the first time. It's not damaged and it's very shiny and soft to the touch. I'm just curious to know if others have gone through the same thing and if you have any ideas of what this might be.  Sorry I used so many pictures I'm just trying to guide you through my "hair journey". I promised I'm not vain lol. I also tried to organize it from my old hair to my hair's current state.

1 Answer

Why would you touch those beautiful curls?! They're absolutely gorgeous. But there has to be some damage going on. I would recommend doing a protein treatment, followed by a deep conditioning treatment. Maybe try a gelatin treatment and then whatever deep conditioner you like. See where that gets you; I don't think you have permanent damage from one use, but some relaxing obviously took place. Chi irons are high quality, so they tend to get very hot and stay very hot. Very effective at straightening, but not so nice on the hair.