What is my hair type?

Also, i usually keep my hair in weaves as a protective style. I took out my weave 2 days ago and there is a clear difference in my hair. Its lost the curl completely and is a frizzy mess. You can see the difference from the 2 pics that were taken two months prior to how my hair is now. I doubt this is caused by heat damage bc like I said my hair has been in a weave for the last 2 months. When I took out my weave I did a deep condition, same process I always do but my hair refused to curl up & still felt dry. Any ideas or advice on how to get my curls back? Thanks.

4 Answers

im certainly no expert,but I would say 3b or 3c
I'd also say to get back moisture use the loc method with products like the one below
I'd guess a solid 4a. Maybe a little 3c mixed in their, assuming no heat damage.
3c/4a. I'd recommend staying away from the weaves for a couple months and wear your hair curly. Deep condition and do protein treatments regularly and hooefully your curls will come back.