What is my hair type

can someone tell me what my hair types is ? my hair seems to have 2 different textures . I have worn my hair blown out straight or flat ironed most of my adult life. I did a big chop 14 yrs ago (last permanent)  but still wore my hair pressed mostly. Is my hair damaged Or heat trained ? Why do I have  Different textures? I stopped using heat 3 months ago so I am transitioning from heat . Some parts of the top of my hair do not have any curl pattern at all.  Today was my first Aphogee protein treatment. I mostly do braid outs right now for transitioning . Will I ever be able to do a wash and go?

1 Answer

I feel like hair being "heat trained" isn't exactly a thing? But it could be. However, It seems like your hair is heat damaged, this is why you have 2 different textures. The heat broke bonds in your hair making it less curly.You definitely will be able to do a wash and go as your hair grows out, and becomes curlier. From the looks of it, your bottom parts seem 3cish.Good Luck! :)