What is my hair type

can someone tell me what my hair types is ? my hair seems to have 2 different textures . I have worn my hair blown out straight or flat ironed most of my adult life. I did a big chop 14 yrs ago (last permanent)  but still wore my hair pressed mostly. Is my hair damaged Or heat trained ? Why do I have  Different textures? I stopped using heat 3 months ago so I am transitioning from heat . Some parts of the top of my hair do not have any curl pattern at all.  Today was my first Aphogee protein treatment. I mostly do braid outs right now for transitioning . Will I ever be able to do a wash and go?

1 Answer

Ii think you have severely heat damaged hair. Heat-trained is damaged too, maybe easier to manage but certainly not healthy. You have different textures because the amount of damage done to your hair varies in each section. You will be able to wash and go, either with a long transitioning phase or a very big chop.