What is my hair type?

So I've been conflicted for quite some time now as my hair texture has changed since I was a baby. When I was a baby till about 6 years old my hair texture was anywhere from a 3a to a 3b, currently I don't know what it is as I am very confused as it has changed.For starters my father is African-American with some distanced White (Jewish) and (Irish) blood. His mother was half Jewish half African American but looked like a White woman with curly hair. His father on the other hand was at least 75% Black or a percentage slightly lower (60s or so) and the rest of him was Irish.My mother on the other hand is Hispanic fromthe Caribbean, with Native American, African, and Spaniard ancestry. I managed to come out light skinned, not that it matters, but it might. Both of my brothers are very clearly type 4 and are much darker than me but I have absolutely no clue where I fall. I've come to assume that my hair is simply mixed all around with parts that are curly or kinky, specifically at the sides, and others that are wavy, but I've always known my hair to be curly so in recent years I've simply been at odds. Here are some picsMY HAIR NATURALLY GROWS IN THAT SHAPE, I'VE SIMPLY PICKED IT OUT FOR MORE CLEARANCE RATHER THAN ADDING PRODUCT TO SUPPRESS IT, WHICH MIND YOU LOOKS REALLY STUPID. AS A SIDENOTE IT IS SO SOFT, ALMOST CLOUD LIKE. Also I believe my hair might be slightly if not severely damaged. I've begun treating it and washing it once a week to try and restore natural oils, but I'm also under the impression that it simply looks the way it does naturally. Any restoration tips would help too. As you can see it seems to have multiple different textures, the struggle of being mixed I guess. 

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