What is my hair type?

i have been natural for 8 months and i recently had the edges relaxed for a weave. Just the edges. I am trying to figure out my hair type. There are a lot of springy coils all over my head. My hair is very thick. It forms very nice curls when wet or heavily conditioned. I use the LCO Methods regularly. I would like to know my correct hair type so i can better care for it. The picture i attached shows my hair damp with some cantu shea butter leave in conditioner and mazani supreme oil. This combition works great for my hair. Would really appreciate some help with this.

2 Answers

It looks 4a with maybe a bit of 3c
thankks so much for replying! I just uploaded an image of it with a two day old wash and go with çantu and ecostyler. Thats when its dried.