What is my hair "type"?

I am completely confused about what my hair type is. I use to get relaxers, but stopped those a year ago. I know and completely understand why the bottoms of my hair are straight (the relaxer). What I can't tell is what my hair pattern is. Wet it seems to be curly or wavy? When it is completely air dry, no product, it seems to be a frizzy fluff. At the bottom, or nape, of my head it can be curly, but that is completely covered by the frizzy (straight part?) on top.I uploaded a couple pictures of the wet and dry hair.

1 Answer

It looks like a stretched 3c.  The frizz is probably your newer growth.  To a degree, this can be stopped by using the L.O.C. method (linked below) and sleeping with a satin bonnet or scarf (ideally, also a satin pillowcase to have more satin ready if your bonnet or scarf falls off in the middle of the night). Refresh hair with water or refresher spray every morning to re-define your curls.