What is my hair type?

Hello, I would like to know what is my hair type because my mum wants me to have it better and I would really like to make peace with her. If you could also tell me what products are good to maintain the hair of a tomboy, sporty girl I would be really happy. I'm going to upload a picture of my family and me, it's a little dramatic, hope you don't mind. 

2 Answers

Since you're sporty you probably would want something inexpensive and easy to wash out and you don't mind sweating it out. So gels may not be the best idea, conditioners, leave ins and creams are most likely best. If you find your a 4b/4c or possibly 4a and you want defended curls forget what I said about not using gels, though I don't think 4a really needs gel to defend the curls.