What is my hair type?

k so I have no idea what my hair type is and I have no idea what to do with it. It's really thick and I have so much of it gets rather upsetting and it makes me want to relax it. When it's really wet it looks great and even better with Cream of Nature conditioner in it but when everything's rinsed out and my hair starts to dry you can't see any more of my curls and it looks terrible. Can come one please help my with typing my hair and with product suggestions and things I can and should do with it. I should also add that I'm going to be starting my own hair journey with trying to get waist length by next year. I'm about bra strap length now, I'm 5'1", 16yrs old and it grows significantly well. Any opinions and suggestions on that? Thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate it. The pictures with the pink background is my hair just wet, the ones with the white background I have the conditioner in it and the blurred face is it about 25%-50% dry

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