What is my hair type?

I had originally thought that my hair was 4c, but last week my friend told me that I was 4a when she was playing with my hair. I don't know and I am very confused.  Maybe I am a mix? In the photo attached pay close attention to the hair at the top of my head and the hair near the nape of my neck. Am I kinky, curly or coily; 4a or 4c? Thank you so much to everyone and anyone who is able to help me♡

2 Answers

Hi! Your hair looks like type 3c and you should look for products to tend to it now that you know!
Your hair looks a lot like my friend's hair. Her's is 4A. Its definitely not 4C if you can see those kind of curls :) You might also have a mix (like 4B or 3C in some places), but mostly it resembles 4A hair to me.I hope that helps!