Hair type?

I have very long frizzy hair.after I wash my hair it gets very frizzy and almost has no shape except for some waves and few curls. (BUT my roots don't frizz and are always flat and straight) .But if I braid/twist my hair and open it the next day my hair becomes semi straight/wavy hair.So what is my hair type ?! Ps how do I get rid of frizz with out using so much products and how do I get volume at my I always have to twist/braid my hair everytime I get out of the shower to define my waves/curls?    Sorry if I have grammatical errors .english is my second language. 

1 Answer

i used to not use products and just braid my hair , but then i used natural formula ( the purple one ) and now whenever i finish showering i out some on my hair after shower and then i let my hair air dry and woop it looks like this