Is my hair type 3b, 3c, 4a, or a mixture of all?

I've been natural since about late 2013, and I've taken the hair type quiz quite a few times. I'm almost certain I have at least some type 3 hair on my head, and maybe some type 4, but I'm not sure exactly. I also have a very tight patch on the back of my head in which I call my "problem area" because I have to put more work and time into it than the rest of my hair. :) What do you think?The first and second picture were both probably from a year or two ago, the third picture is from about six months ago, and the fourth one was from about two weeks ago, probably stretched a little from the way I put it up when I slept. The fifth is on wash day when it was still drying.Thank you for reading this!

1 Answer

You're probably 3C/4A. It's not uncommon to have several different curl types at once. Whatever the type, your hair is beautiful! It's often more important to learn about your hair's porosity/coarseness, which can tell you what your hair needs.