What is my hair type

Hi, I'm new to this website and I would like to know what is my hair type. I took the quiz and I'm trying to decide between 2C and 3A. I've been using Deva Curl product for more than a year and that made a big improvement. But I still have some trouble letting my hair get longer: they start to look flat and dull. I would like to have more volume (my hair is really thin) and a better definition for my curl. Do you have any suggestions? Also I live in Canada so I could have trouble finding specific product (but I will try). Thanks a lotClemencePS Your web site is very inspiring, I lived all my life hating my curl and I just start embracing them.

2 Answers

Well, hello! I would say you're a 2c just assuming you're hair is clean and has no product that will alter it's appearance. About your thin hair problem; if that's how it's been forever, then that's your natural density but if it just started getting thin it might just be what you're doing to it externally or you have a deficiency in some ''hair-thickening" nutrient. I don't know how old you are but it also can be age but from your skin, you don't look you'll be getting old anytime soon! It might be a symptom of some illness but i doubt that. Look into these possibilities, though! If it's something your doing to it externally, it might be your combing it too rough and frequently. It might also be tight hair styles loosening up your roots (follicles) and leading your hair to fall out. If you stop doing these things and your hair is still thin, it might be a deficiency in some vitamin. If that's the case I suggest you start taking Hairfinity vitamins. These vitamins will grow new hairs that  have fallen out which will fill up your scalp and make your full! Visit the website! And no, this is not advertising! If it's some underlying illness look for other symptoms that you might have and look them up. You did say you wanted better definition so I think you should use a DIY I put up called the "Slippidy-Slidey Detangler". It will provide tangle free-detangling and since it contains flaxseed gel, it will provide clumping of the curls and chiseled definition! Check it out; it's in the recipe section! If you don't like to make things or spending too much money, you can buy KinkyCurly's Curling Custard. It's moisturizing(i haven't used it, but based on the ingredients I can tell) and it has strong hold! But don't use too much because it does have strong hold and you're hair doesn't need a lot due to your hair type and density of your hair. It will leave you're curls feeling gunky and sticky and super weighed down so don't use too much. If you don't use too much though, you will feel the bouncy-spring-iness of your soft hair! You can look up this product in the products section! And remember to rinse your hair with cold water; it reduces frizz! Below is an example of 2c hair!Enjoy!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old
Hi your hair looks like 2c or 3a once your hair gets longer it will be easier to tell.  If your hair is very fine I would stick with light gels like the light defining gel and try not leaving any conditioner in.  Also using clips while air drying can help add volume.  I too live in Ontario Canada and use Devacurl products I've tried others but keep going back to  the deva line.