What is my hair type?

I am transitioning and i have about an inch left of relaxed hair and I am so excited to be fully natural soon! i want to find products that are going to help enhance and nourish my natural curl. But I'm not sure what my curl pattern is. My hair is not kinky so i considered it 3b but my curls are smaller than 3b. i know that sometimes curls can be multiple patters, i just want to know what is that closest my curls are. 

2 Answers

You have such pretty hair! Your hair is definitely a mixture of both 3b and 3c, but your hair is a little closer to a 3b, just because the ringlets aren't as tight and defined. If you want your hair to become even curlier, I have a few tips.1) Take a shower and begin shampooing your hair JUST IN THE SCALP, otherwise, the rest of your hair will get extremely dry (Wash your hair 1 a week. If your hair is very oily, than 2-3 times a week).2) Apply a generous amount of conditioner (a conditioner with oils) to your hair and begin combing out starting at the bottom of your hair.3) Flip your head upside down and rinse with cool water.4) Dry your hair with a shirt material (or just use a tshirt to dry it)5) Before going to bed, spray your hair with a bit of water to get it damp.6) Massage an oil through your scalp (I suggest a coconut, castor, argon or olive oil. The best oil for this is probably castor oil or argon) for 3-5 minutes.7) Add some leave-in conditioner to the rest of your hair and put it in a shower cap (I suggest one made of silk because it's softer on your hair) and leave it in over night.8) In the morning, take out your hair and enjoy!Hope this helped!Good luck, Danielle 
I totally agree with the prior answer 3b\c! Good luck on your natural hair journey!