What is my hair type?

I Transitioned for about 8 months before cutting off my relaxed ends. I've been natural for 3 months and I still don't know what my hair type is. I have miniature curls in the middle and sides of my hair. The back of my hair isn't defined it just feels like soft cotton. When my hair is wet all of it gets curly/coily. My hair is 4 inches long when stretched out. My roots and about 2 inches of my hair is very defined and curly/coily but the other 2 inches is slightly less defined and looks straight/afroish. I think I still have some relaxed strands but I prefer to grow my hair out some more before trimming the rest.

3 Answers

Beautiful hair! Right now it seems that your hair type can be a 4a/4b because you have tight coils very similar to my hair. You won't know your true hair type until you cut ALL relaxed ends. And even then it took my hair a while to show it's true texture. I believe that you should wait a little longer to really get your actual curl pattern. As for right now, your hair is definitely type 4 (Yasssss) and hair type isn't even really important. I hope this helped :)
Without any doubt in my mind, the texture of your hair is a gorgeous, healthy 4b/4c! (: There isn't any major curl or wave so that rules of 3c and the curls that are on your right are smaller than a 4a. So I would have to say 4b mostly and then some 4c in the mix.
I'd have to agree with jaylenarielle on being mostly 4b with some 4c mixed in. Beautiful hair though (and great skin - it's so clear, but that's irrelevant lol)!