What is my hair type?

I'm new to the curly girl world and I need help determining my hair type and am in search of tips on how to eliminate the sections that refuse to take on any shape but straight. The pictures attached are of my hair washed according to the curly girl method for wavy hair and air dried with no product.Any and all advice is welcome 

1 Answer

I think it's 2b. If you'd like more waves, try some leave in conditioner and some gel. Plopping can also help you coax out some more waves. Air drying without any moisture or hold will usually only result in less curl than when it's wet. Your hair's best curls happen when wet. The key is to 'capture' them then with moisture and hold. I think Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Styling Lotion followed by some gel (like LA Looks or Eco Styler) would be a great start. Check out Rockyn Curls on YT she has thick hair like you with a bit more curl but you might start by experimenting with some of her techniques/product recommendations! Remember, if you buy from Sally or Target you can return a product you don't like! Many CG's love Deva Cut haircuts for curlier done one dry hair (although they are quite pricey!). Best!