What is my hair type?

My hair is medium thickness (only mentioning this because I believe thickness relates to hair type). I was thinking it was maybe 3a? Also 2c, but my hair is not course so I'm not sure. It's also kind of damaged and limp from dyes right now so idk if that has anything to do with it. The damage has only grown out like 2 inches. And I know hair type doesn't really matter but I just want to know anyway. Thanks in advance for any answers!!

1 Answer

In most charts they use thickness as part of the description. HOWEVER, I see people using the categories as a way to identify curl patterns and not thickness. I would agree that you are 2c/3a. It looks like all one length so that is probably why you are getting straighter roots from the weight. I say my hair is 2c based on curl pattern. It's not thick like 2c is supposed to be but it's also not as tight as a 3a. There is a big difference b/w 2b and 3a in terms of curl pattern so I think the general usage doesn't associate thickness with it. I would just qualify that after like: 2c fine, low density, low porosity, color treated (that's my hair type).