What is my hair type?Former military needing expert advice!!!

Hello everyone,I am a male that has recently started to grow out my hair. I was in the military for a good while so I never really had gotten the chance to experience longer hair until now. Can anyone please give me some insight on my hair type so I could know which products to use? My hair is a bit short at the moment because I have only been at it for 2 months and a week now. Thank you!

1 Answer

First and foremost, thanks for serving our country! We appreciate your work and dedication :).Now, first and foremost - your hair is too short right now to properly assess your curl pattern. That being said, your curl pattern is not what is going to actually tell you what products you need to use. Your density, porosity, texture, and strand width are going to give you more info on your hair, how to take care of it, and what you will need to use. Click this link to find out about those. Once you learn those about your hair you'll know  what you need to use.For example: My hair is 3c4a in curl pattern, but that information isnt going to tell me that my hair dries out fast and need protein. Me knowing that I have high porosity hair will tell me that, so now I know I need to add things with protein into my regimen to help seal up  my cuticle and  stop frizz.I hope that helps! Come back when your hair grows out a bit more and we should be able to tell you your pattern :)