What is my hair type?

Hello :)Well, my hair is a challenge for me. It is dry,frizzy etc. But there is one problem that is the worst. I wash my hair twice in a week and I only use shampoo and conditioner. The next day my hair is like the first picture but the second day my roots become straight. Could you give me any advice for that? Thanks for reading ;)

1 Answer

Hi, I love your hair, it seams like 3b to me. For your roots have you tried sleeping with your hair in a high loose pineapple ? Also sleeping with a silky pillow case or scarf helps a lot. Otherwise you can try to spray a bit of water on your roots and then scrunching your hair in the morning to reactivate your curls. I find that using a light weight gel (you can DIY a flaxseed gel) when your hair is wet after shampoo and conditioner helps to set the curls, reduce frizz and helps to reactivate the curls in the morning.