hair type and suggestions for moisturizing??

its been 2 years since my hair was dead straight and would not revert to its curl pattern i am haitian nicaraugan puerto rican panamanian french and costa rican and my grandma and grandpa on dad side have more 3 gype hair while my moms family has 4 type my sister is 4a b c and she has fine thin hair while i have long coarse thick high density low porosity hair and jts dry as hecj because my mom has it in her genes. my hair either is over moisturized or under and usually is when my hair gets so dry its a legit brillo pad the first time my hair has ever been soft is when i deep condition it and right after i flat iron so this is the first time i havent and i used olive oil yogurt and banana. i have about 2 inches of heat damage left on the sides of my hair 1 inch left in the middle (my middld is very coily) and the bottom layer just will not grow as long as my hair and i have shrinkage so i can never do pineapple because my hair will not go up the same as  y front layers ive looked up everything i mostly focus on my  ottom layers and ends of my hair because i have alot of split ends about 1 and a half inches of split ends and i had a bunch in my chin bangs so i cut them right below my eye and its weird because it had heat damage but now its a super lose 3b also.. my hair is layered all over and i have no clue why the middle part like where u put ur hair in hald up half down the few inches after that part line my hair is coily and shorter then the rest of my hair i think i have psoriasis fbecause i have all the symptoms but would flat ironing it still be good because i really want to go natural but my dads family always makes fun of my thick hard saying its knappy when its just wavy and tightly packed??? :// and do i have 3b and 3c hair because ive noticed a mjix of 4a in my hair

2 Answers

need deep conditioning w 18MEA to help keep moisturized hair healthy. Not coating it with things like some would say - I am obsessed with Scientific Essentials Shampoo also and especially its Mist and Conditioner. best thing my stylist ever recommended and have less splits and scalp feels healthy and hair stronger - good luck
Deep conditioners and patience. My hair looks crazy and get hard and dry when I use to many protein rich products. Be wary of those. Your hair may have developed a protein sensitivity.