What is my hair type? And best products/ways to style it? Help :)!

hey there!My hair has been fried with  chemicals (I'm an avid dyer and just went from dark brown to blonde in three processes over 4 months) in addition to that, I never knew how to style my curls and so I used to straighten my hair daily. In the past 6 months I've stopped that. I've started treating my hair with coconut oil soaks, olive oil, and using sulfate free shampoos. I style my hair with the plopping method, using a shea-coconut hair lotion (forgot the name)My hair seems extremely dry still and is always frizzy. Any suggestions?Excuse the horrid photos, I don't take them often.

1 Answer

Hi! You and your hair are soooo beautiful! Your hair seems to definitely be type 2, maybe type 2B given that it is kinda wavy curly. Essential oils are good for stopping frizz just keep using them continuously, hair takes time to recover from heat use. Also, I use leave in conditioners (great for moisturizing and bringing life into your curls), keratin oil (good for frizz prevention and restoring damaged hair), and hair products made specifically for curly hair. Hope this helps! :-)