My hair type changed & i would like to know how i could get it back

Ok so this all started in the 7th grade. i had thick, thiiiick curly hair (it was almost coils) & i never loved it. i would always put it up in ponytails or whatever the case would be. but anyways; that's just a backstory. here's where it gets crazy. i would always flatten it & i would get some flat ends but my hair was still really thick & curly. So in the 8th grade, i dyed my hair red (my curls were still perfectly fine & thick still) but then i decided i would cut my hair shoulder length. (from waist length.) i was satisfied but i truly noticed a difference in my curl pattern. my curls were more.. thin looking; but they were still coily just a bit more defined & what not. so. i was satisfied with it. then i dyed my hair black while it was still short. it was ok i didnt really noticed a difference & as my hair grew longer (it was about bra line length at the time) it still got more curly & stuff. but then i started flat ironing it. & from there thats when all hell broke loose. i started noticing a huge difference! and at the time i was so use to my hair being so curly, whatever i did to my hair really didnt matter because i would think "it would go back to normal, it's fine" but thats when it really hit me. but i still didnt care & i wanted to dye my hair red. from black to red. i did my research before anything & i wanted it red so bad i didnt pay attention to the cons about going from black to red. so i dyed it. mind you, my roots were already grown out & my black hair was about at the bottom of my hair so, how did it turn out? i had firey red hair on the top of my head & black hair at the bottom. i cried. i cried sooooo much hahah. but then i went to walmart and i bought color remover thinking my hair would go back to its natural color so i was happy, but still doubtful. & what do you know! i used it & it was basically bleach. i wanted to dye but i still managed to get my hair a burgundy yet red hair color. my ends weren't cut my hair was always knotted & whenever i brushed it i would hear the knots just ripping out; it was horrible. my curls; i didnt even know at that point. which leads us to today. i recently cut my hair again from bra line length to shoulder length again. i felt relieved & stuff. my hair is somewhat thick & my curls are somewhat there but it's really loose. & i hate it. plus, whenever i wash my hair, if i miss my curl product or if i dont scrunch it a certain way or whatever the case is, my curl pattern would be different. there's days where its wavy, and days where it's curly. but i have a problem. whenever i side part my hair, the curls on the flat side (the opposite side of where all my curls are when i part it) is so flat and loose. i want my curls tighter but getting gel and finger curling it would only make my curl weird & only a small curl will appear on the bottom. the rest would be straight. so if you made it this far down my story, thank you. i just want a thorough explanation and answer for my problem.(the pictures are 2 of my hair in the 7th grade, 1 when i cut it short for the first time, 2 when it was black, 1 before i cut my hair (the condition it was in after the bleaching, dyeing, ect) and one of my hair today. 

1 Answer

you know it's really easy to take care of your hair you just need to be vey patient so first of course deep condition your hair once a week and try diffrent masks and treatments , like protein treatments a lot of people who dye there hair will need protein afterwards , and stay away from heat and coloring at least until your curls go back to normal , and don't worry your hair is gonna be healthy again just take care of it