What hair type is this? These are two different strands of hair! I think 4a?

transitioning for a couple months. The more looser strand is from the back? I don't know what type that is at all. I don't know what the more curly one is? Maybe 4a. I don't have a lot of relaxed ends so not so much weight. 

2 Answers

most curly girls will have a variety of curl types. it doesn't matter what kind of curl you have as long as you treat it properly and use curl friendly products
hmm your strands appear as if there could be some curl/ wave pattern but kind of stretched out. This could be due to possible heat damage. I'm not for sure on your hair regimen but I suspect you're having your fair share of heat. I'm so tempted too ha! Try going on a no heat challenge for the rest of your transition. Then your curls/waves/ could will really pop! (: