My hair type? Help please

I think I have 2b/2c hair. Any thoughts?? Also looking for recommendations on products. I currently use the devacurl line. Looking for more body..

2 Answers

Hi,I would probably say your hair is mainly 2b. Hope this helps!-curlyheadbri
I'm have 2B caucasian hair with a bit of frizz and rotate among Miss Jessie's Jelly Curls, Pillow Soft Curls, Quick Curls and Multi-Cultural Curls. I love them all depending on the humidity and my mood. :-)  The Jelly Curls has the best hold, the Pillow Soft is very scented but keeps my hair fresh for days, the Quick Curls works great with a diffuser, and the Multi-Cultural Curls and Jelly Curls really smooth the frizz. Sometimes I mix them with a dollop of Garnier strong hold gel for a more defined curl. I purchase at Sally and CVS for great return policy, but ended up keeping them all. I have a freaking tote full of products I don't want to throw out but, honestly, I always reach for these first!