Hair type help?

I still don't know what hair type I am. I think somewhere between a 2b and 2c. I've been CG for around 3 years now. No sulfates and only the occasional water soluble 'cone. I really wish I had curly hair but it seems like that's not possible. However, my hair is only a few inches away from 3 feet long. No layers. Quite thick. So I also wonder if cutting it short or at least getting  some nice short layers and a good trim would help give me more curl formation?I attached some mostly embarrassing photos but they're the best examples I've got since my hair is in a style right now. The elf one is most current lol. I attached a horrible photo of me from like eight years ago when I had a little bob and hated my hair. I straightened it or brushed the hell out of it back then.

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