what hair type do I have?

I've been transitioning for a few months now and some of my ends are still straight. My hair shrinks when it gets wet. When it's wet the front is kind of crimpy like zig zags. When it dries it's frizzy and undefined, mostly more packed together (picture close up of hair that looks brown) . There are small curls here and there. Sometimes my hair doesn't feel fully wet when I wash it.

3 Answers

The curl that is shown close up definitely looks 3c, but I can't really tell your hair type from the other picture? From your description, it sounds more 4b, maybe 4a.
it looks frizzy and has little curls all over the place
Looking at the new pictures, I'd say you're a 4b with some 4à here and there. Btw, I love the color!