What hair type am i?

I cannot figure out what type hair I have. My curls don't reach all the way to my roots, they can be tightly coiled or loose at the same time. After a few days most of the curls lose their definition.Currently my hair feels soft, but feels like straw. I'm currently use sheaMoistures coconut and hisbiscus line and I don't think my hair is taking to it very well. I used the raw shea better one before this one and it seemed a little better, but I really have no idea what kind of product my hair is looking for. I used to straighten it a lot and now I haven't in a while and I am just trying to get my hair to feel and look nice and curly.

1 Answer

As your hair becomes more healthy, your curl pattern may change. The coconut and hibiscus line has protein in it, so maybe it's too much protein for your hair. I read that too much protein can cause it to feel straw-like. SheaMoisture is an excellent brand to start out with when you're trying to find what will work best for your hair. Good ingredients and pretty affordable!