What is my hair type? I think I am a 3c/4a with 4b edges. low porosity. Am I right or wrong?

I have been struggling with growing my natural hair. I can't find a knowledgeable natural hair stylist in my area (Miami, Fl.) So I am trying to figuring it out on my own. I don't have a routine because I am not sure how to come up with one. The product I use seem to be too oily and I am not keen on dreads don't like them for me. So I need major help....Pls.

1 Answer

hair types don't really matter what matters is porosity and if your strands are fine or thick , if you have low porosity ,less is more so you gotta chill with products don't put too much , you seem to have thick strands , not sure tho you can google how to know your strand type , if it's fine or medium strands then light products will work best for your hair and protein will help too, i personally don't use a lot of products because i don't need to but i still do treatments/hair masks maybe once every 2 months and i still use oils too, organic wheat germ oil is amazing for moisture and hair loss and it can be used as a leave in it will make your hair shiny you'll love it, coconut oil really helps with hair growth trust me but use it once or twice a month cause it's a thick oil so you gotta be careful with it , i heard eggs is great for hair growth but i never used it so i'm not sure , just do hair treatments and drink water and you'll be good , curly hair don't grow fast it takes its time so be patient