What is my hair type? Pictures included

Hi I'm new to this whole thing and have no clue what my curl type is. I know I haven't fully unleashed the curl of my hair but I want to at least know where to begin. Any ideas what hair type I have? Thanks!

2 Answers

I think it is 2a but it can be 2b if you conitnue taking care of your hair
Hi... I think you are in between a 2a and 2b, your waves are more defined than a 2a but not as defined as a 2b. With the right products I believe you could be a true "2b". Honestly figuring out your curl/wave pattern is quite a challenge, since no two strands on our heads are the same. At times I feel I have three curl patterns on my head...Trial and error with products is the way to go!! Good Luck :)